Lucy van Pelt incarnate at Brown University.

6 selfies thing…?

and now i want to see 6 unashamed beautiful selfies fromĀ jardindupoulpe, slowbrocop, emjang, and tomaroach (though i have no idea if you even take selfies jane wow).


As much as I dislike the sometimes stifling liberal atmosphere of Brown, I’d rather have that than “real-world” atmosphere. More often than not I find myself thinking, “Why are you being so insensitive/misogynistic/racist?”


why does england act like the authority on tea. they literally just stole it from china and india wtf

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On Pharmacy Residency

pharm student @ gilead: u can apply to a residency once u graduate if u dont value ur own life and happiness

12 year old cousin: ugh frozen?! that’s so out of style can’t u keep up with the times

where’s the opposite of a winky face
what if i want an emoticon that can negate a winky face like no im trying to unflirt ok


is this middle aged japanese man not me

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me at work with dual monitors

so i realized i type like this now because it’s so much more efficient ugh i hate and love this